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Producing, marketing and distributing high-quality natural and specialty food products in North America and Europe.


Royal Wessanen nv is a multinational food corporation based in the Netherlands. We earn our revenues by producing, marketing and distributing high-quality natural and specialty food products in North America and Europe. Our mission is to be the leading transatlantic marketing and distribution company for branded authentic Health and Premium Taste foods.

We have two parallel product streams: Health and Premium Taste foods. Both are linked by a common dedication to authenticity. Our goal at Wessanen is to create food and beverage products and distribute them to consumer markets in Europe and North America. These products, and the brands under which they are marketed, are therefore central to our proposition.

In 2004, after detailed consumer and market research, we identified two groups of food products which offered us the best opportunities for growth. We called them Health and Premium Taste.

Authenticity: the common factor
The common factor that characterizes all of our products is authenticity. This is driven by a firm belief that our customers want, above all, food that is true to its origins, either in terms of its ethnicity or the purity of its ingredients. We believe that Wessanen brands can differentiate themselves in the marketplace by adhering to true authenticity - not just in terms of the product itself, but also in the way each product is marketed and through packaging and promotion.

Wessanen's corporate HR strategy is now being developed into a worldwide HR standard. Ultimately, this should result in an overall HR approach that provides a fine balance between the HR policies, which are developed centrally and applied globally, and those that are developed locally based on the local legislation and market situation.

The global HR agenda for Wessanen in 2005 was driven by the need to shape our business into a high-performance organization and develop a challenging culture. As a consequence, the focus has been on developing management skills, establishing a competitive remuneration policy for senior management, identifying high potentials and outlining their career paths, and creating a worldwide management performance system. Furthermore, the retention of experienced employees is both a priority and a strategic issue and is guided by development programs under the common theme: "You make the difference".

Money makes the world go round. If you know all about money, but also about what makes business go round, a career in finance with Wessanen could be yours. Typically, a degree in finance or business administration would start you off in a controlling or administrative position. These functions are close to the daily business, and will teach you all you need to know about the fundamentals of business finance.
If you demonstrate a fine eye for finance, there are many paths to choose. You could become a financial director in one of our smaller business units, you could become operational controller at a bigger division or you could gain a senior position in our corporate financial department. Whatever your next step may be, we will be expecting a lot from you. You need to be able to oversee the whole business, make quick and sound analyses and flawless financial reports.

If you proof to be successful, your career path can be stretched even further. You can either broaden your horizon by becoming a general business manager, or specialize further in the financial field to become a corporate controller.

Like Han Wagter, your ultimate step would be the position of CFO of our multinational public company, a truly challenging position.

Typically, we are seeking high-level financial professionals that are flexible, driven and bold. Those who, based on their thorough knowledge of business finance, know how to continuously improve our financial processes of accounting, budgeting, funding and forecasting. And who do not only have the knowledge and expertise, but also have the personality to put it into practice.

Is this you? Then make sure to let us know you're out there!

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